Mama Village Activities

June 27, 2016By auroraInsights No Comments

  Let it begin!  As part of this journey I have set out to create an activity center for mamas, the activities link to my upcoming children’s book “Mama’s Knight; A Cancer Story of Love.” This has been a project fueled by love and inspired by my mom, who I lost to uterine cancer, and … Read More

All Things Sparkle

June 24, 2016By auroraInsights No Comments

  Be Unstoppable Sunshine. My mama always called me her sunshine, and I find myself calling Henry mine. Henry is blissfully happy and joyful as all children should be, and so am I…as all creative people who refuse to grow up should be, and as was my mama and my grandparents. I follow a great … Read More

Standing Up For Yourself

June 22, 2016By auroraInsights 2 Comments

  Easier said than done.   One day I was at my church. My son is four years old and prefers to be in the main service with me and I like it too. We sit far off to the side and in the back few rows. So I have an escape route incase today is … Read More

Finding Dory, Finding Inclusion.

June 20, 2016By auroraGuest Post No Comments

  With author Tera Girardin. I just got home from watching the much anticipated movie sequel, “Finding Dory.” Even though I took my kids to it, I have to admit, I’ve been pretty excited about it.  “Finding Nemo” is one of my top 10 favorite movies of all time. It had to be. It was … Read More

Introvert in the Extroverts World

June 17, 2016By auroraInsights No Comments

  Playing Pretend  I’m a hard-core introvert. Left to my own devices I will hide away writing a book or reading one. You’re unlikely to find me out in the world without someone else prompting me to do so. I’ve been an extreme introvert my whole life. I was painfully terrified to talk to people … Read More

The Master Negotiator

June 15, 2016By auroraInsights No Comments

  Toddlers and Their Magical Powers.  It happens to all mamas, even the best of them…that moment when your toddler outsmarts you or changes your mind unexpectedly. Well it happens to me. So I want to share one of my favorite moments with my son to brighten your day and bond us together as the … Read More

Supremely Bizarre Lifehacks

June 13, 2016By auroraInsights No Comments

  My Favorite Yet Embarrassing Life-Hacks.  Life-hacks are super trendy right now, because lets face it, we are busy and anything that helps us get back to fun quicker is always a win! Through the last few years of motherhood I have found a few bizarre and yet helpful life-hacks that I want to share.  … Read More

The Comfortless Comforts

June 10, 2016By auroraInsights 1 Comment

  Seven Ways to Help Someone Struggling.   The age old words of comfort just don’t cut it. Take it from me, I watched my mom die of cancer … slowly and painfully. I have a friend who survived brain cancer, one who lost her job and struggles to keep food on the table for … Read More

Mama Wars

June 8, 2016By auroraInsights 1 Comment

  End Mama Segregation and Unify Kindness. I’m so saddened listening to mamas attacking mamas! It is like a great big Mama War. It’s wildly inappropriate. I hear them fighting about breast feeding vs formula, hold the baby always vs the Ferber Method, processed food vs organic, home birth vs hospital, epidural vs natural, miscarriage … Read More