Welcome to the outrageously perfect world of motherhood. Here at the Mama Village I hope to bring support and joy to mama's all over the world where we can build generations of kindness. The key to survival is support, laughter, freedom from fear and faith.

My name is Aurora Whittet. I am a mama, an author, a birth doula, a national award-winning designer, a nerd, a wild red-haired barefoot dancer and a caregiver. I published my first Young Adult series The Bloodmark Saga and published a childrens' book for moms with cancer called Mama's Knight: A Cancer Story of Love, all while surrounding myself with like-minded mamas.

I started this journey from a broken heart and many tears. I nearly lost my life bringing my son into this world, I lost my mother to cancer and I've charged after the American Dream only to realize that the dream is truly just friendship and support. It isn't a journey of never being satisfied and always striving to own more, but instead a freedom to live. We don't have to be perfect, we have to be ourselves and the more we are ourselves, the more we will create beautiful memories.

Join me on the journey of life and bring hope kindness to the next generations!