Mama Bear Safety Check List

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  Five Ways to Protect Yourself and Your Child Life is hard enough before you even start imagining the unimaginable. I used to love shows like Law and Order SVU and Criminal Minds, but once I had my son they freaked me out way too much to continue watching those shows. So here are some Mama Village … Read More

Age is an Honor

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  Age, is more than a number.  I often hear women saying they are afraid or sad about an upcoming birthday and I want to change that perspective. I don’t know if I agree with the old adage; age is just a number. We can be 13, 30, 40, 50 or 100, and it is more … Read More

Life Without Your Mama

May 16, 2016By auroraInsights 1 Comment

  And leaving your own legacy.  There is this deep-rooted sadness when you lose your parents. I have spoken to so many others and the common thread is that no matter how old you are or they are, it is gut-wrenchingly terrible losing your parent. In my case I’ve lost my mama. Three years now, … Read More

Be There, You Are Beautiful

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  Five things I want every woman to know 1 You are beautiful. Inside and out, top to bottom, no matter your size, shape or color. No matter the physical scars or emotional scars you carry. It doesn’t matter if your 13, 21, 30, 50, or 90, you are simply gorgeous. You were put on this … Read More

Play Date Etiquette

May 10, 2016By auroraInsights 2 Comments

  The five real life rules When I had my son and received my first play-date invitation, I nearly had a stroke. I didn’t know what to wear or bring. Was this like the movies where all the moms are super-ultra hot, wearing the latest fashion, with perfect hair and make-up? Was I about to … Read More

Pulled in All Directions

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  You can’t please everyone.  As I’ve said before my son was born ten weeks premature by emergency c-section. There is an interesting battle that ensued from this. The battle for my attention, but not how you think. I was in the hospital with advanced preeclampsia and extremely high blood pressure. Henry was in the … Read More

The Foundation of Our Family

May 6, 2016By auroraGuest Post 2 Comments

  Mama appreciation from daddy-blogger Sean Evenson Anyone who knows me will tell you that my passion for hunting and the outdoors burns deeply. No one knows or understands this like my wife, Greta. After all, she married into it. Although, I don’t think she knew at the time just how raging the fire inside … Read More

Leaving Corporate America

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  with mama and Lady Boss Empire co-founder Allison Crandall I decided to take control of my life and start building my own dreams versus someone else’s almost three years ago.    I had been working as an esthetician for over ten years when my son, Chase was born. I can’t express my joy seeing … Read More

Still A Mother

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  with author Angela Miller  I dedicate this to each and every mother who lives without her precious child(ren), to every mother who has no living children, and to every woman who longs to be a mother. We see you. We remember you. And we honor your motherhood. You are a beautiful, beautiful mother. Mother’s Day … Read More

Autism and Finding Hope

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  with photographer and author Tera Girardin  “Autism.” I couldn’t even hear the word from his teacher who was trying to gently guide me to getting my 2-year old son the help he needed. I was in denial and got angry and defensive. I got off the phone and I even started to hyperventilate! I couldn’t … Read More